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We are extremely proud and trusted by many companies in Europe, but also worldwide. For us, long-term reliability is one of the core values of our company and the establishment of trusting cooperations has been the backbone of our actions until today.

Reference Case 01

The EMF series with Wago connector is a very compact and robust unit which is internally modular. This series is an addition to the EM series. It is available in power classes between 50 watts and 250 watts. The integrated input filter and the reverse polarity protection comply with line-bound interference and radiated interference, surge and burst according to EN50155. Therefore, no additional external components are needed. The robust aluminum housing with its 4 mounting holes is ideal for attaching the converter to a metal surface and thus it can be optimally cooled. The small external dimensions of 70x20x120mm allow the series to be used in almost any application. With an efficiency of up to 95%, the series is one of the best of its kind. Its area of application is primarily in the railway sector, as it meets the railway standard EN50155 and the associated fire protection standard EN 45545-2.

Reference Case 02

EM series without filter: A device with 50 watts was needed that covers the input voltage from 14 to 156V; and this without restrictions. Almost all manufacturers have specified conditions in the data sheet under which the full power cannot be taken – But not our devices like our EM series. Regardless of whether the input voltage is low or high, or temperatures of -40°C or +85°C, the converter delivers its nominal power of 50 watts in any condition. Output voltages from 12 to 36V can be realized. All of it in a compact aluminum housing with the dimensions 70x70x20mm. The EM series complies with the railway standard EN50155 thanks to an additional input filter. If desired, the converter can also be connected in parallel internally to achieve an output power of 100 watts.

Reference Case 03

Our 7 in 1 converter not only saves space, but also costs. This is the idea of an industrial company that has been using the converter for over 10 years. The 2×2″ converter with a height of 10mm has an input voltage range of 18V to 36V. All 7 outputs are galvanically isolated and are linearly controlled internally to achieve a very low output ripple. In sum, the converter achieves an output power of 10 watts and an efficiency of 83%. No other version could fit so many isolated outputs in such a small space. In addition, a price advantage can be achieved with this variant. The implementation of the customer request for the first samples took place within 8 weeks and the first production of 100 pieces in another 6 weeks. This is because we have the entire production in-house and are not dependent on any suppliers. Since the application is in the industrial sector, the converter achieves a working temperature of -40°C to +85°C.

Reference Case 04

The EGI series is a range newly developed by us to help customers in this difficult time of the component condition. The DC/DC converter is pin compatible with a large American manufacturer, which currently has delivery times of up to 1 year. With an output power of 50 watts to 150 watts, the converter covers a wide range of applications. Compared to its original manufacturer, there is no load reduction with the EGI series, even with rising temperatures of up to 85°C. This is thanks to the aluminum body and ceramic technology. The efficiency, which is 90% on average, exceeds the performance of the market provider. The EGI series has been in use for years in the Italian railways as well as in German industrial companies.

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