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We design, develop, produce and market high-quality DC/DC converters

As experts in customer-specific production, we stand for DC/DC converters of the highest quality. We look forward to your specifications!

Our Industries

Elektra has decades-long experience in manufacturing high-performance DC/DC converters that are used in various sectors in the electronics industry.

Hi-Rel / Military
Second Source

About Us

For more than 45 years we have been focused on the development and production of DC/DC converters and supply tailor-made converters with powers up to 500 watts. The hybrid technology of our ceramic boards, which makes our converters particularly powerful, is a unique selling point of our converters. As a second-generation family business, the Reinstadler family name stands for excellent quality.

Replacements of DC/DC converters

Elektra is your strong partner when it comes to high-performance DC/DC converters.

Unsere Besonderheiten

We provide tailor-made DC/DC converters (also as second source) within 6 weeks and are thus among the fastest manufacturers on the market.

Our Experience

Elektra has more than 40 years of experience in the conceptualization, development and production of high-performance DC/DC converters.

Our Spectrum

We produce DC/DC converters for various sectors in the electronics industry: our products have proven themselves in the railway, aircraft and military industries, as well as in the areas of LED lighting and second source/replacement.


The efficiency of our DC/DC converters always lies above 90% and we use high-quality ceramics on metal connections, which significantly improve the robustness as well as the technical parameters of our products.

The mechanics can be individually configured or rather specified, as can the connections.

From a quantity of 100 pieces, we develop the converters on customer request. This is mainly possible because we take on the entire production ourselves and are independent from subcontractors.

Our products achieve maximum reliability through the use of ceramics on metal

We Are TÜV Certified

From the very beginning, quality has played a central role for us. We are particularly proud to have been consistently certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 for more than 25 years. The international importance of this standard speaks for itself, and we strive to develop ourselves further in all areas of the company.

Some of our customers with special requirements even carry out an additional internal audit with us on an annual basis.


We are pronounced pride and trust of many companies in the Europe, but also worldwide. For us, long-term reliability is one of the core values of our company and the development of trusting cooperations is still the backbone of our actions today.

Reference Case #01

EMF series with Wago connector. This facilitates installation as the series meets railroad standards without additional components. Due to the robust housing, the standards regarding vibrations are also complied with. The transducer is therefore ideally suited in the field of railroads.

Reference Case #02

EM series without filter: The request was for a device of 50 watts, which covers the input voltage from 14 to 156V without restrictions. Almost all manufacturers have specified conditions in the data sheet where the full power cannot be taken. So not our devices as well as our series EM.
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Reference Case #03

We were looking for a system with one input voltage (18 to 36VDC) and 7 isolated output voltages with small ripple. This led us to develop a DC/DC converter which is now produced in the size of 2 “x2”. Internally is a single transducer with 7 linear regulated outputs.
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Reference Case #04

DC/DC converter with railroad standard, the possibility to connect 4 LED strings and to change their brightness. The result was a transducer in the size 90x50x15mm with Wago terminals. Depending on the input, 2 or 4 outputs are activated internally. Via a separate isolated input one has the possibility to change the brightness of the LED strings.
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